Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Clustered Stacked bar chart with line in secondary axis in Power BI

it looks like there is no native support for this kind of complex chart, initially I tried ggplot2 in R visual however I couldnt' get the ideal solution. finally it appears that this can be done much easier using python pandas + matplotlib.

sample code as below:

df = pd.DataFrame(dict(Subsidy=[3, 3, 3],
                       Bonus=[1, 1, 1],
                       Expense=[2, 2, 2],
                       Salary=[1, 2, 1],

ax = df[['Subsidy', 'Bonus']].plot.bar(stacked=True, position=1,
                            width=.2, ylim=[0, 8], color=['orange', 'red'])
df['Margin'].plot(secondary_y=True, color='k', marker='o')
df[['Expense', 'Salary']].plot.bar(ax=ax,stacked=True, position=0,
                            width=.2, ylim=[0, 8], color=['blue', 'green'])

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