Thursday, March 5, 2009

SQL Server 2005 Cluster - Moving quorum/DTC drive

This exercise was done within VMWare ESX environment.


-- this part relates to building the test environment

System drive (C:\) and shared drive need to sit on differenct scsi adapter

system drive need to sit on local disk resource (host storage)

map LUNs on nodes following same order and use same scsi id.

enable network dtc

'msdtc.exe -install' if things go wrong with MSDTC.

-- this part relates to moving quorum/dtc drive

>Break existing LUN to small LUNs: unmap the LUN from controller first then remove it, create new LUNs, map new LUNs to controller.
>check ESX storage controller and make sure new LUNs are presented to HOST.

--> add new LUNs to all nodes via raw disk mapping, make sure you use same SCSI ID on all nodes;

--> Move quorum drive to DTC drive temporally, release the drive letter from old quorum drive, assign it to the new drive, this need to be done on all nodes;

--> move quorum drive to the new disk;
--> for moving DTC drive, you will need to remove DTC first then add it back with the new drive;

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