Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remove Raid metadata from drive under linux

Following my previous post, the disk was initiall part of a RAID group using HP Embedded SATA RAID controller, it was removed from the controller and used at another PC.
Since the dmraid -x command doesn' work, I ended up with using the following command to remove the raid metadata (will destroy the old data!)

[root@localhost liveuser]# dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M seek=150000 skip=150000 of=/dev/sdc

(this is a 160G drive so I decide to remove the last 10G's data which will definitely include the raid metadata).


Anonymous said...

Nice, thanks. Sorted me out after 3 hours of searching.

Anonymous said...

as this is a destructive process, ive never found any issues running a windows dvd, selecting the command prompt in the recovery options and using the diskpart comands to create a partition & format it as required in there. to achieve the same purpose.

George Wen said...

the diskpart command will not remove the raid metadata. also according to some source, it won't remove the metadata even with the 'clean' command.