Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HP ML110 G4 with Xeon X3220/Q6600?

Ever since I installed VMWare ESX server on my HP ML110 G4, I haven't got much chance playing it and it has been lying on the floor for a while...what a waste!
Recently I decided to convert it to my workstation pc and installed WIN2008 on it, so far I managed to add a USB sound card, install TV Tuner (Leadtek DTV 2000H) and managed to get it working after install the missing BDA component.
Now I am not quite satisfied with the CPU speed (Pentium D 810 2.8G) and the worst thing is, since it doesn't have HT I can't add Hyper-V to the server.
After doing some research, I found out that the server's documentation states that it supports xeon duo core 3000 , Pentium D CPUs but no quard core listed, I also found out similar Motherboards with same chipsets (Intel 3000/ICH7R) actually support Xeon Quad core 3200 CPUs.
After reading a post somewhere (in Japanese!) saying that Q6600 works with this server, together with the fact that Q6600 is identical to XEON X3200, I guess I will try to get one and see how it goes anyway. you gonna know that the benchmark score I got from a website shows Pentium D 2.8G gets 710 while for X3220 it is 2844!


George Wen said...

just a follow up, I bought a x3220 and it works perfectly with HP ML110 G4!
NOw I had it as my workstation and loaded it with TV TUner (Leadtek DTV 2000H), Creative USB Sound Card, Graphic Card (Radeon HD4550), 4 Hard Drives, 1 Adaptec 2610SA Raid card...the speed improvement is definitely notable...

Unknown said...

A quick question - did you have any problems with installing the graphics card in the server (did the card fit in the available slots?) and/or were there any issues with drivers/compatibility (you weren't using W2k3 were you?).

George Wen said...

Sorry I only noticed your comment now.
There is no issue installing the graphics cards, drivers work fine and you can use 64bit vista driver for win2k8 64bit if there is no specific ones for WIN2008.

Minnaar Pieters said...

Hi Wen

Can I ask - did you install the ATI graphics card without any issues? Did you need an adapter for the 8x slot?

I need to upgrade my ML110 G5 graphics card - it is pretty useless, but I cannot get a clear answer online on what to get. Any advice?

George Wen said...

No, I think Radeon HD4550 is compatibile with the PCI Express slot in ML110, everything is fine.
Just another update, I installed ESX Server 3.5 on this machine for virtulisation lab and after that installed Windows Server 2008.
Now It is installed with Windows 7 64bits and everything seems to be working fine. (TV Tuner Card, USB sound card, Graphic Card etc)

Minnaar Pieters said...

Awesome - so you did not have to do any modifications on the card or the slot to make it work on the Proliant ML110. Standard Windows 7 drivers?

It wasnt some special version of the card either?

George Wen said...

No, all cards are generic stuff... I used the vista 64 bits driver for DTV200H TV tuner card, windows 7 comes with the graphic card driver.