Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I learned JAVA EE programming a while ago and did some minor projects, unfortunately there is no real world chance to practise it and those little knowledge I learned at that time has been nearly thrown alway totally!
Anyway, at these days I occassionally write some code using asp.net/c#, although it is quite easy to write a 'dirty' program using asp.net, It is definitely not a good practise. I have been trying to figure out the way to write a true multi-tier program using asp.net and came to a few discovery. Interesting, Hibernate got an asp.net version which is called NHibernate...However, I guess I might go for LINQ for ORM, however for MVC structure I only found a 'MVC framework CTP' stuff which is apparently not quite mature yet...

Also the following article has some discussion and comparison which could be useful:
ASP.NET MVC: Choosing Your Data Access Method

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