Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Use ThinkVintage Fingerprint Reader software with Acer Laptop

Acer's fingerprint software doesn't work well, it slow down the laptop even though this is quite a powerful laptop with duo 2 core 2.0 GHZ CPU and 2G RAM. By uninstall Acer's fingerprint software and replacing it with ThinkVintage Fingerprint reader software, the laptop works much better now. Thinkpad & Acer Travelmate have the same fingerprint components, but I guess as long as you get fingerprint driver installed, the software should work the same.

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Anonymous said...

This isn't true, I have an ACER 4420-5963 with the bio-protection technology, the software does not work. It says rnpipe: svr(00000000fusserver) not found when I try to enroll a fingerprint, and yes.. I have reboot my machine after installation.